Balsamic Vinagre

Travel through the ancient Roman era to find the secrets of Balsamic Vinegar. Head towards Modena in Italy, through rich vineyards to find traditional splendid accompaniment for gourmet tastes . Balsamic means "like balsam", balsam being an aromatic resin. Flavour gourmet appetites with this unique accompaniment and enjoy the infinite joys of a gastronomic exploration.

Truffle of Alba

Uova tartofato, carpacio di carne, Tajarin all" albese – well we are neither narrating the names of AC Milan players nor the names of 70's Italian movies, these are in fact few of the exotic delicacies made out of truffles.

Prosciutto of Parma

Who has not heard of Prosciutto of Parma perhaps the most famous ham in the world. Prosciuttois the Italian word for ham. It is a term broadly used to describe a ham that has been seasoned selfcured (but not smoked) and airdried.

Sforzato Della Valtellina

As you drive from Milan in a North East direction you will reach the picturesque Valtellina in the province of Sondrio. It is an evocative Alpine territory in the northern part of the Lombardy considered for many aspects to be heroic. It is large, lush and green and dominated by mountains that are tall. It is not only a popular tourist attraction in the winter months but is also home to the famous Sforzato Della Valtellina one among the noblest of Italian red wines.

Amarone Valpolicella

After Chainti, Asti, and Soave, the best selling wine in Italy is the ripe, powerful, and full-bodied Amarone della Valpolicella. The sweet, high-alcohol wine is traditionally made near Valpolicella which lies north of Verona. The place is full of old hamlets tucked deep within the many valleys which are surrounded by hills and cherry trees. Amarone has been produced here for generations.


The production and consumption of mozzarella is closely related to summer as the sales of the cheese soars during these months. It is traditionally produced in the areas lying between the Abruzzo Mountains and the Pontine plain. This area was once totally unproductive and full of disease. The land was reclaimed in the Fascist era and was made fertile.

Italian Coffee

Some of the greatest discoveries of humankind have been made by accident –this is called serendipity. One of the first of such important accidents of the 20th century may be the accidental discovery of penicillin by Sir Alexander Fleming. Another much more ancient but nevertheless accidental discovery for many connoisseurs in the world is the discovery of the coffee plant.

The Brunello di Montalcino

Brunello is a familiar brand with wine-lovers all over the world. Brunello di Montalcino, the red wine comes from the vineyards of Montalcino in Italy. It is one of the best wines in Italy that is capable of aging for better taste as well.

Barolo Wine

Barolo is one of Italy's noblest wines. Born in the Piedmont region, literally at the foothills of the Alps, it is full-bodied, acidic, redolent of strawberries and violets, and carries the aristocratic DOCG appellation. Indeed, some call it a King among wines.