Trekking is a favorite pastime of the tourists who visit Portofino. The lush Mediterranean vegetation, full of olive trees, vines, myrtle, heather oak and pine make for wonderful walks, and the trekking paths offer spectacular views of the sea. Mountain tracks link Portofino with Santa Margherita, Nozarego, San Fruttuoso, Ruta, San Rocco, Camogli and Pietre Strette.

Portofino is a protected marine area. The submerged cliffs of the Promontory of Portofino are home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna, including beds of Posidonia, a sea plant of great ecological importance.

Sporting events like swimming, fishing and yachting are popular, though these are prohibited in some areas and restricted in others. That’s one of the ways in which the Municipality of Portofino preserves the town’s attractions.

The highly-popular swimming cover of Paraggi is only a few minutes drive from the center of town.

Scuba diving is also a tourist favorite, in view of the many exotic underwater species in the area as well as the submerged statue of Christ, placed in memory of those who have lost their lives at sea.

The Little Theatre here is a place where artists, writers, and actors from across the globe meet to promote their work and exchange ideas.

The Regional Nature Park has one of the greatest concentrations of flora in the Mediterranean region, and is also home to a great variety of birds and invertebrates. The Park of Portofino also affords a wonderful view of the Ligurian coast and is a favorite with all types of visitors, ranging from the softly romantic to the fanatical lover of nature, and from the artist to the anthropologist.

And visitors to Portofino do not go away without taking with them some sample of the exquisite lace work which women of the town still painstakingly create.