Travel Guide Naples, Italy

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(Napoli) Naples Italy travel guide to the largest city in the southern part of Italy, which is greeted by tourists with mixed feelings. Many cities might inspire instant love or hate and Naples is one of them. Polluted, chaotic and dirty is what hits you first, but like other cities that fit the description, Naples is a wonderful place to spend a few days. It is full of life and friendly people. There have been settlers in Naples from the 9th century BC. It was then called "Parthenope". In the 6th century it was renamed "Palepolis" (or old city) when "Neapolis" (new city) was founded next to it. It was part of the Roman Empire when its luxurious coastline was a popular holiday destination, with many people including Cicero and Virgil holidaying here.

Positioned on a bay, Naples pulsates with noisy street markets and swarms of people buzzing around on Vespas with no regard for traffic rules. But the city has made a beeline for cultural renaissance in the recent past. Despite all its problems including crime, unemployment, political corruption and prostitution, Antonio Bassolino, the city’s mayor, used the city’s rich ancient culture to give the city a new lease of life. This unique approach has worked wonders and has helped the city reassess itself.

Travelling to Naples, Italy

The airport in Naples, Italy is called Aeroporto Capodichino. It is on Via Umberto Maddalena which is 6km north of the city. Domestic flights from all major Italian cities fly to Naples. Alitalia, Air One and Meridiana Airways service the city. It takes rought and hour and a half to get here from Milan, a hour and a quarter from Palermo and Venice and only fifty minutes from Rome.>>>>>More

Travelling In Naples , Italy

The best and the safest way to get around in Naples is by bus or tram. But remember not to ride the buses at rush hours if you want to avoid the pushing and shoving. Alternatively you can take trams 1 or 4 between the two train stations of the city. A 75 min unlimited transfer ticket will cost 0.80€. Full day unlimited travel costs 2.30€.>>>>>More

Special Events

Sponsored by the Council of Naples, the festival of Maggio dei Monumenti (May of Monuments) has events over every weekend over the month of May. Its theme varies each year. One of the events most tourists look forward to is the guided walk through the interesting and historic districts of the city, which includes the numerous underground passages.>>>>>More

Naples Tourist Attractions

Chiesa San Domenico Maggiore, Duomo, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Palazzo Reale, Catacombe di San Gennaro, Palazzo Reale di Capodimonte, Solfatara Crater

Night Life in Naples, Italy

The 19th century gallery, Galleria Umberto I, is the city’s social center with lots of places to shop and dine. Gran Caffé Gambrinus is Napoli’s oldest café, dating back to 1860. Its espresso and cappuccino accompanies delicious cakes and pastries are hot favourites. The café is open from 8am till midnight.>>>>>More

Shopping in Naples, Italy

Naples is not a big shopping hub but you will find some good buys provided you are a patient shopper. Many people shop for corals. Though they come from Thailand it is beautifully encrusted in jewellery. Torre del Greco on the outskirts of the city is where many tourists go.>>>>>More