Travel Guide Lecce, Italy

Lecce Italy Travel Guide - Find the best travel tip, history, tourist attractions, famous churches, travel information, and an exclusive guide to shopping, food & drink and nightlife in Lecce, Italy. This city of Lecce, Italy is a dream for people who love Baroque architecture. Another typical Italian city, this place is unique for the fact that it has a multicultural history. Many civilizations had left their mark here and this is evident by the variety of designs and styles in the architecture as well as the multitude of crafts practised here. Situated in the south-eastern cusp of Italy near Salento, the small city of Lecce is

considered an abode of cultural heritage. It is a flamboyant place with a mix of all cultures like Norman, Spanish and even Byzantine. The beautiful architecture of the masons, with their mix of animals, birds, monsters and cherubs never cease to surprise tourists with their architectural extravagance and eye for detail. In fact Lecce is known as the "La Firenze delle Puglie" (The Florence of Apulia) as it contains many monuments of significance. Baroque style is detailed in every other building but is different from those in other nations. The mild golden colored highly pliable stone, called ‘Lecce stone’ is shaped by craftsmen who let their ideas run wild especially when designing the facades.

History of Lecce, Italy

Lecce over the years was conquered by many- the Norman, the Byzantine, the Spanish and other dynasties had settled here and left a lot of traces of their existence through their art and architecture.>>>>>More

Places to visit in Lecce, Italy

A 2nd century A.D Roman column, Colonna Romana, was erected in Piazza Sant’Orozo, which is where the most important Roman ruins in Lecce can be found. The column initially stood in Brindisi to signal the end of the Appian Way. This column was brought down by a lightning strike in 1528.>>>>>More

Churches in Lecce, Italy

One of the more significant monuments of the architect from the Norman times Giuseppe Cino (a student of Zimbalo) is the Church of Saints Nicolo and Cataldo. He gave the church a Baroque frontage but still managed to retain the medieval architecture like the portal and the central eye. The Church of Graces stands opposite the Sant’Oronzo and has two huge tympani, one circular and one triangular.>>>>>More

Holidays and Tradition

For an account of the past of the city through its habits and traditions, a visit to the above mentioned Cerrate Abbey would be useful. The Pizzica is a local traditional dance and has fabled origins. Drummers in Lecce gather during the many festivals and off days in Lecce and drum up a vigorous beat and the rhythm of the famous tarantula bite.>>>>>More

Shopping in Lecce, Italy

Materials like the Lecce stone have made sure that craft flourishes in Lecce. The place is famous for its conventional wrought iron goods- not surprising considering its architectural culture. Ornamental grills and trivets are big attractions and shoppers throng the Salvatore Mancarella to get a taste of such items.>>>>>More

Food and Drink

How can one step into Italy and not delve into food! Local specialties like handmade pasta, bread, and fish thrill ones taste buds. Enoteca, the food emporium is a big draw and so is The Picton, which is also one of the more popular restaurants in the city where one could get a taste of authentic Salento cuisine.>>>>>More

Nightlife in Lecce, Italy

Nightlife is pretty vibrant in Lecce because of the large number of students studying in the University of Lecce. Piazetta del Duca d’Atena and Corto Maltese are two popular hangouts here.>>>>>More

How to get there

The state run FS line plies trains every hour from Brindisi. Trains from Otranto also pass via Lecce everyday. The railway station is about 2 kms away from the Piazza Sant’Oronzo. The nearest airport is the Papola Casale in Brindisi which is about 40 kms away from Lecce.>>>>>More