Travelling in Naples

The best and the safest way to get around in Naples is by bus or tram. But remember not to ride the buses at rush hours if you want to avoid the pushing and shoving. Alternatively you can take trams 1 or 4 between the two train stations of the city. A 75 min unlimited transfer ticket will cost 0.80€. Full day unlimited travel costs 2.30€

Taking a cab is a gamble. If you get stuck with one of the city’s infamous taxi drivers you’ll have to endure reckless driving and over-priced journeys.

Want to drive around Naples? It isn’t for the faint hearted so its best avoided.

To go up and down the city’s steep hills you can ride the funiculars. Make sure you check the timing as you don’t want get stranded on top a hill. You can use the same ticket for bus, tram and the funicular rides.