Giotto Bizzarrini

Advancements in science and technology in the twentieth century brought about great changes in many fields including the automobile industry. The Italians were among the forerunners of these developments in this industry. The names Ferrari and Lamborghini are known throughout the world for their achievements in this field and primarily for the sports cars they developed.

Stelio Frati

Ever since human being started thinking, one of the major curiosity and urge was to fly like a bird and venture the limits of the sky. But not many people have actually dared to challenge the sky and prove that science and interest can put all odds to one side and build the wings to fly in the open sky. The legendary Signor Stelio Frati is one among them.


The word serenity is often associated with the vastness of the sea and the completeness it projects. Man has long being obsessed with the idea of venturing deep in the sea to search peace and privacy and to enjoy the nature's one of its really big creation.