Teatro La Fenice

It was a night that is still vivid in the minds of many Venetians. The Teatro La Fenice, one of the famous opera houses in Venice, considered to be the most beautiful in the world was burnt to a cinder on the night of January 29, 1996.

Giuseppe Verdi

He was born Joseph Fortunin François, on October 10th, 1813, at La Roncole, a small village near Busseto in the Duchy of Parma, Italy. The world knows him as Guiseppe Verdi.

Rossini Opera Festival

If music be the food of life, play on...

The Rossini Opera Festival is a classic example of a celebration of music dedicated to Gioachino Antonio Rossini, the inspiration behind a musical heritage. Rossini was a musical composer who composed more than 30 operas, sacred music and chamber music.

Andrea Palladio

The renaissance in Europe has been one of the most defining moments in history and the Italian renaissance brought forth many talented artistes including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Andrea Palladio etc. Andrea Palladio may be described as perhaps one of the most famous among the architects of the renaissance.

Marco Polo

It must have been just force of circumstances that made Marco Polo the hero, great adventurer and explorer he is known to be today. Had a civil war not blocked the return path of his father and uncle who had gone to trade at Surai on the Volga River, they would not have taken a detour to Bukhara and from thence proceeded to the East, to China.

The Visconti Family

The history of Milan from 1277 – 14 47 was dominated by the reign of the Visconti family who ruled as lords of the region, in Italy.

Sforza era

When the Visconti family rule came to an end in 1447 due to lack of direct male heirs in the line of succession, there was a brief period of uncertainty and chaos in Milan, while the Ambrosian Republic attempted to step into the power vacuum that existed and take charge.

Umberto II

There is no doubt that fate was very unfair to Umberto II, the last king of Italy, as his reign lasted for just over a month May 9 1946 – June 12, 1946, despite having a proven flair for being an efficient and a good-hearted king.

Julius Caesar

“Et tu Brutus” is not just any dramatic phrase known and used by many in the world but it marks the very last words said by perhaps the most famous and popular of any roman emperor Julius Caesar.

Selinunte Archaeological Park

Imagine traveling through history to the Greek times and seeing an ancient civilization and then being able to visit a beautiful beach. The Selinunte Archaeological Park


With an ancient past the city of Segesta has been one of the most important cities of Magna Graecia. It is a city located on the North western part of Sicily in Trapani. It belongs to the commune called Calatafimi-Segesta and is about three kilometres from the modern city of Calatafimi. It is situated on grassy slopes and is filled with flowers in spring and summer. Segesta also minted its own coins.